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Bill Blood
June 08, 2013
Time: 8pm

Bill Blood will be launching his debut album, 'Come Softly To My Wake' on Sat June 8th in Bewleys Cafe Theatre

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Bill Blood plays guitar and sings.

On Come Softly To My Wake, Bill Blood's debut album for Temporary Secretary Recordings, he is taking things down a notch. You might say he is taking things underground or beneath the earth or even to another world we all know but prefer to stay on the outskirts of.

Simple dark melodies sung over impeccable folk guitar pickings (you may be familiar with his guitar work for instrumental indie pioneers The Redneck Manifesto). He sings of life, death, hope, despair, solace and redemption in a world weary yet welcoming voice that pours over his guitar lines like silver.

The album was recorded one windy wintery afternoon in the home of, and with the help of, close friend and TRM bandmate Richard Egan (Jape), while keyboards and some light percussion were added one cold spring morning by Neil O'Connor(Somadrone).

This is a raw folk record that wouldn't seem out of place alongside the likes of John Fahey, Papa M, Bill Callahan and the devil blues of Charlie Patton.

Come Softly To My Wake is released on May 30th on TSR with a release gig on Saturday June 8th in Bewleys Cafe Theatre (Grafton St), with some very special guests.

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