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September 10 - 23, 2017
Time: Various

16 days and nights of exciting and unforgettable cultural experiences!!
Bewley's Cafe Theatre @ Powerscourt is delighted and excited to be a part of DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL 2017!

Dublin Fringe Festival 2017 will take us to places we’ve never been through theatre, music, comedy, dance and much more.

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SHOW IN A BAG returns to Bewley's Cafe Theatre @ Powerscourt

Liz Fitzgibbon
What do you do when life no longer parties with you but instead looms large with the big questions? What can you do? You can batter it into submission until – kicking and screaming – it stops asking what you have to show for yourself. From the mind of a former kick boxing champion and developed with Mikel Murfi comes an explosive, physical, gut-busting – utterly fabricated – story like no other. Taking life’s big questions and leaving them reeling.

Michael Patrick
400 millilitres. That’s how much liquid was drained from Michael’s left testicle when he was 18 years old. That’s more than a can of coke. He should have told someone sooner, but who could he turn to? His dad died ten years ago and besides, school is full of rumours about what the giant bulge in his trousers actually is. Who wants to stop that? The true story of a Belfast boy’s journey through puberty with no father to help him through and a giant ball to weigh him down.

Rose Henderson and Pat Nolan
Who am I without my past? When we go out of our mind, where do we go? Take Off Your Cornflakes is a portrait of a marriage. Tom and Trish have celebrated their silver wedding anniversary but what happens when he wakes up with a strange woman beside him and she tells him she’s his wife? She chooses to enter his world, armed only with humour, music and love. She does her best to connect with him, but will she get lost in the attempt?

Kate Stanley Brennan
“Forget the world...Forget the people...Just close your eyes...Forget your name.” Enticed from Manhattan’s streets by a mysterious stranger, Dubliner Mary Jane gets sucked into the underground world of New York’s club scene. She gets into some sticky situations as she looks for love in all the wrong places, running through life along the edge of a knife. But she’s on a mission to prove to the world that she can walk alone. Expect sex, decks and original songs by MissKate, MathMan and Bobofunk.

Also playing at Bewley's Cafe Theatre @ Powerscourt

X & CO.
Europe’s favourite-ish pop star XNTHONY is back. This time it’s personal. This time he’s getting hitched! Having failed to represent anyone in the Eurovision, XNTHONY is pivoting. Out is the glitter and glam. In is wife-to-be Tiffany. This is the celeb wedding of the millennium and they want you to join them on their special day as they stand together with sweaty palms and open hearts. Bring your dancing shoes. Dress to wow. Would you like beef or salmon? Or how about a slice of heteronormativity?


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