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September 10 - 22, 2018
Time: Various
16 days and nights of exciting and unforgettable cultural experiences!!
Bewley's Cafe Theatre is delighted and excited to be a part of DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL 2018!

Dublin Fringe Festival 2018 will take us to places we’ve never been through theatre, music, comedy, dance and much more.

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SHOW IN A BAG returns to Bewley's Cafe Theatre - see below for details of this Initiative and all the shows involved in 2018.

APPROPRIATE by Sarah-Jane Scott
Sorcha LOVES weddings. Just like the other girls in the parish, she’s been dying for her own day since forever and ever. The thing is, she has just run away from her own reception. Has she gone mad? Or is this the first moment of clarity she’s had in years? Perched on the edge of her “perfectly planned” life, Sorcha is pure ragin’ at the dawning reality that she’s never really listened to herself. Can she ever go back? This is a darkly funny tale of young love in rural Ireland and a lifelong quest to settle down.

To challenge the bureaucracy of Irish political life and to save the local school of music from being converted into apartments for racehorses, Brendan Galileo is determined to join the ranks of the European Parliament. Alas, in the City of Tribes he is a man without a spear, his previous electoral efforts little more than a novelty act. In a last-ditch attempt to dramatically improve his public profile, he must represent his country in the most vicious diplomatic catfight in the continent, the Eurovision Song Contest.

IRELAND'S CALL by John Connors
Follow the lives and family histories of three young men as they grow up in Coolock on Dublin's northside. What shapes them and entices them to a life of crime? Examining issues of class, religion and identity, this new play is an unflinching exploration of the Irish psyche, bringing our collective guilts, secrets and flaws to the surface.

SPLIT ENDS by Lauren Larkin
There’s nothing a new hair-do won’t fix! Right? Amy has worked at the salon since she was 16. She loves it. She loves her fella Darren too: they bought their house last year and have it almost how they want it. Her clients are the business; every day she has the chats with generations of Dublin women about their struggles, and their strength. Amy's worked hard for what she has, and whatever she sets her sights on, she gets. Until now… Drop in to Split Ends to hear the things we can only tell our hairdresser and to get the best damn curly blow dry in town! FACT.

Show in a Bag is an artist support initiative made with the combined powers of Irish Theatre Institute, Fishamble: The New Play Company and Dublin Fringe Festival. The SIAB programme was conceived to empower actors to create the show they have always wanted to make; inspired by their own unique talents and with a great story that only they can tell. Often first time writers and producers, the artists are supported by dramaturgy from Fishamble, producing know-how from ITI and the creative platform of Dublin Fringe Festival. Since 2010, the Show in a Bag productions that began in Bewley’s Café Theatre, have gone to on travel the world delighting audiences from West Cork to Western Australia.


PLEASE NOTE: Soup is not served during the Fringe Festival at lunchtime shows.