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June 10 - 22, 2013
Time: 1pm
Based on the Short Stories of James Joyce

Adapted and performed by Declan Gorman
Bewley's Café Theatre is proud to celebrate Bloomsday with a presentation of...


Based on stories from James Joyce’s ‘Dubliners’

Adapted and performed by Declan Gorman

Described as “Vivid” (Irish Times), “Remarkable” (Metro Herald), “Ingenious” (Mail on Sunday) and “a compelling performance” (Irish Theatre Magazine) Declan Gorman’s one-man tram-hurtle through James Joyce’s “Dubliners” returns for a two week run, at Bewleys Café Theatre from 10th to 22nd June, (including a special performance on Sunday 16th June, Bloomsday) at 1pm.

The year is 1914. London publisher Grant Richards has determined to re-read Joyce’s controversial manuscript, eight years after rejecting it over fears it might breach strict British and Irish obscenity laws. As the racy, comic stories of Joyce’s childhood and young adult world spring to life around him, Richards relives his frustrating correspondence with the arrogant Irish writer. Should he risk everything now second time around and be the one to launch this volatile but brilliant genius on a world about to descend into the madness of war?

“Gorman holds the audience enraptured throughout with a truly mesmerising performance. This original adaptation is by no means exclusively for die-hard Joyce fans, making a brilliant introduction for newcomers!” Metro Herald

“This very entertaining one man show… ingeniously intercuts [Joyce and his publisher’s letters with extracts from the collection. It will make you want to read Dubliners again!” Mail on Sunday

“Alone in his office adrift with papers and cardboard boxes, Gorman’s version of Richards is an apprehensive midwife to genius, privately enraptured by the work, but fretting over the objections of his printer and the grave consequences of Irish obscenity laws: publish and perish.[…] But the clincher is the work itself, which swells up around Richards onstage with excerpts from four of the book’s stories: An Encounter, A Mother, Counterparts and Two Gallants. The excerpts come quite vividly to life, where Joyce’s words are left unadorned and largely undiluted […] It makes heavy demand of Gorman as a performer (and) he does it admirably and cleverly.” Irish Times

“Gorman, a compelling performer, is at his best when undertaking childhood roles and also in his element with Joyce’s obsequious characters – (such as) the unfortunate Hoppy Holohan and the conniving Lenihan. … an animated and intelligent performance.” Irish Theatre Magazine

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