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Photo by Keith Jordan

Artist-in-Residency Pilot Scheme


Bewley's Café Theatre was excited to collaborate with Bewley's Café in creating an Artist-in-Residency pilot scheme to run for 3 months from February - April, 2022.

The artists who took part in the scheme are theatre collective Murmuration and independent theatre artist, Sam Ford.


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Murmuration is a Dublin-based collective of theatre artists, making live, narrative sound installations in unconventional spaces. They create rich, intricate soundscapes with the aim of fostering new ways of listening for audiences.Through their work, Murmuration seeks to reposition audiences in relation to their surroundings, creating vivid imaginary worlds. They have performed in bars, shopfronts, glass-walled galleries and public squares, aiming to find the extraordinary in ordinary and unlikely locations. This approach is particularly urgent now, when cultural and public spaces are shrinking and becoming less accessible. Murmuration remains resolutely optimistic about Dublin, and is committed to finding performance potential in its existing spaces, through the transformative power of sound and live performance.Over their three-month residency, they were working on something special to take place in the Cafe building, which we are looking forward to showcasing later this year!

Sam Ford

In 2021, Sam Ford was commissioned to create a new work for the Cafe Theatre, as part of our highly successful Walkabout Series of outdoor performances (responding to Government restrictions on indoor gatherings). Sam created a unique promenade performance for Merrion Square that incorporated a tour guide's knowledge of the park into a comic and moving personal story that delighted audiences and allowed them to see contemporary Dublin afresh. Alongside developing his own work, Sam used the Residency to focus on creating a new site-specific promenade piece steeped in the history and heritage of Bewley's Cafe. We look forward to presenting this work to you later in 2022.This scheme is only possible due to the support of Bewley's Cafe which is providing financial support to the artists as well as giving access to the Cafe and a free space in which to work.

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