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For Technical information, please email technical manager Colm Maher


ATTN: Colm Maher:

The Café Theatre is located on the second floor of Bewley’s Café. The stage occupies one corner of the room facing out onto what was once called the Oriental Room of the café.

Max occupancy is 65. The audience sit on classic wooden bentwood chairs, seated four to a table.

These tables can be reconfigured depending on the needs of the production – we have, in the past, presented shows in the round – however, the lighting bars favour the stage.

Four bars provide back, side, and front lighting.

The stage is accessible by a stage door. There is no backstage space. Performers have sometime used the corridor off stage as an area for props and quick costume changes.

There are two entrances into the room itself.

Given the small, informal nature of the space, one person looks after both FOH duties, collects tickets and operates the show.

Retractable sound proofing walls mitigate street sounds from the busy shopping street below (though some sound, particularly from buskers can penetrate!) and provide a good blackout. (There is some light spill onto the stage from a nearby fire exit sign.)

We have a small changing room, a walk away from the theatre, that actors use before performances.

Bewley’s Café, though recently refurbished, is an old building; all set pieces must travel up three flights of narrow back stairs. Larger set pieces are difficult to accommodate.

Every year we host the Dublin Fringe Festival; so, while our venue is small and primarily a room in a busy café, we can ensure professional production standards and values. We have a decent lamp stock for the size of the venue, including four Chauvet LED lamps. Lights are operated by an EOS NOMAD. We also provide a MacBook pro with the latest Qlab for all show operation.

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